What’s the difference between a manual defibrillator and an AED?

Defibrillators are now increasingly common – but despite the rise in numbers installed in public places and the undeniable life-saving ability of AEDs, many people still aren’t aware of how they work. Understanding what defibrillators do and how they operate is incredibly important, as hesitancy when using AEDs can affect their ability to save lives. … Continued

3rd July 2022

Obtaining an AED for Your Community

How to Obtain an AED for your Local Community At Martek Lifecare, we’re passionate about raising awareness of the impact of heart disease, alongside the importance of AED availability and easy access. As a result of collective efforts by significant charities and organisations, you’ll likely see more defibrillators in public places – usually highly visible … Continued

10th June 2022

Heart Disease Awareness

Raising awareness of the risks and prevalence of heart disease is essential to what we do here at Martek Lifecare. In this comprehensive guide, you’ll find details on what cardiovascular disease is, what risk factors may put you at risk of developing it, and ways to treat, prevent and protect yourself from complications such as … Continued

1st June 2022

Foods for a Healthy Heart 

Heart disease continues to be one of the UK’s most prolific killers – claiming more than 160,000 lives per year, causing a quarter of all deaths in the UK. Around 7.6 million people in the UK live with a heart or circulatory disease – and heart disease still claims one life every three minutes. Eating … Continued

18th May 2022

10 Reasons why a business requires an AED

At Martek Lifecare, we are on a mission to make sure that our Lifeline AEDs are widely available and ready to save lives anywhere, at any time throughout the UK. As a result of collective efforts to raise awareness of SCA, slowly but surely, more communities are seeing defibrillators pop up in public places. Many … Continued

28th April 2022

How to Save a Life Using CPR

For over half a century, CPR has been the go-to method used to revive a person who is not breathing by members of the public and medical professionals alike.  In this simple step by step guide, we’ll walk you through the basics of CPR and share a little more about why everyone should know how … Continued

14th April 2022

Should I keep an AED at home?

The lifesaving abilities of AEDs are rapidly becoming more well-known – so much so that more people are considering purchasing one to use in their homes. Most of us are familiar with seeing defibrillators in public places – but should you keep an AED at home, just in case? Are defibrillators suitable for a home … Continued

5th April 2022

How to Check & Test your AED battery

AEDs are only as efficient as the batteries that power them. Just like any other piece of life-saving equipment, such as a smoke alarm or carbon monoxide monitor, it’s essential to make sure that your AED is always fully operational and ready for use, keeping it in good working order in case you need to … Continued

20th March 2022

Martek Lifecare at The Health & Safety Event 2022

We are delighted to announce that we will be exhibiting at the upcoming Health and Safety Event in April this year – an unmissable opportunity for health and safety professionals to come together and share knowledge and innovative new products and initiatives designed to make every aspect of modern life safer. At The Health and … Continued

11th March 2022