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Martek Lifecare and Red Sky Foundation: A Shared Vision of a Healthier Future

Published on 14th February 2024

Martek Lifecare and RedSky Foundation Partner for a cause close to their hearts.

At Martek Lifecare, we care passionately about raising awareness of the dangers of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, and how vital it is for everyone to have easy access to defibrillators.  

That’s why we are overjoyed to announce our new partnership with the Red Sky Foundation, with whom we share a commitment to raising awareness and educating people of all ages and backgrounds about the use of defibrillators and the dangers of sudden cardiac arrest. 

Who are the Red Sky Foundation?

Born from a simple wish to give back, the Red Sky Foundation was founded by Sergio and Emma Petrucci, deeply touched by the incredible care their daughter received at the Children’s Heart Unit in Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital while undergoing life-saving heart surgery.  

What initially began as a one-off fundraising dinner designed to raise money to buy vital equipment for the hospital, has grown exponentially ever since. The success of the inaugural Red Sky Ball, which raised £64,000, and its subsequent success means the now-annual Red Sky Ball has become the go-to event in the North East Social Calendar, attracting over 1,200 guests each year.  

The England & Wales Charity Commission granted Sergio and Emma’s Red Sky full registered charitable status on Friday, March 20, 2020, during the UK lockdown. The Red Sky Ball was renamed the Red Sky Foundation, enabling them to pursue their goals and take fund-raising efforts to a whole new level. 

United by a Common Cause

Today, the Red Sky Foundation focuses efforts on raising vital funds to support babies, children, and adults who are born with or develop a heart condition and need cardiac care, as well as providing lifelong support to them and their families.  

Based in the North East, they have so far raised over an incredible £1 million to pay for a range of equipment as well as facilities and aftercare at the Children’s Heart Unit at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, Sunderland Royal Hospital and the James Cook Hospital, Teesside. 

In addition, the Red Sky Foundation has placed more than 500 defibrillators in the community, as well as helping other regional health services within the NHS and other non-profit groups by providing funding, equipment, and awareness. Combining these efforts with Martek’s expertise in the market and backed by the support of US-based defibrillator manufacturer, Defibtech, this partnership brings enormous potential to raise awareness and increase emergency preparedness in communities across the UK.  

The Power of Partnership

This partnership will leverage the strengths of all three organisations to create a more significant impact across the wider community throughout the UK.  

Our charity’s success is down to the strategic relationships we have enjoyed over the past 3 years – we are now going to build on it even further to flood communities with life-saving devices to ensure people have the best possible chance of surviving a cardiac arrest. Our relationship with both Martek and Defibtech has certainly flourished, and we are excited for what the future will bring” said Sergio Petrucci, CEO of the Red Sky Foundation.  

Martek Lifecare will provide vital medical equipment to Red Sky Foundation supported programs, ensuring that more people have access to public access defibrillators, while the RedSky Foundation will use its extensive network and fundraising capabilities to raise awareness and support for life-saving technologies.  

Rob Higgie, Sales Manager at Martek Lifecare and long-serving community first responder, said “We are so excited about the potential that this new partnership brings with it to share knowledge on how to react in a cardiac emergency and reach new audiences that we would not otherwise reach on our own.” 

With Joseph Mullally, Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations for Defibtech adding “We are extremely pleased to partner with Martek and The Red Sky Foundation to expand access to Automated External Defibrillators in the community. Sergio and the team at Red Sky have already made great strides in raising awareness about the prevalence of sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of AEDs in addition to their existing work to place AEDs in public spaces. Our mission to save lives is shared, and we are grateful to work with this organization that is making a difference.”

The Defibtech, Martek Lifecare and Red Sky Foundation partnership is a powerful example of how collaboration can create positive change. By working together, these organisations are committed to raising awareness of the dangers of sudden cardiac arrest, as well as providing defibrillators in public places, ready to be used in an emergency.  

If you would like to learn more about the partnership and how you can get involved, click here.

Rob Higgie

About The Author

Rob Higgie - Regional Sales Manager

Rob Higgie, Regional Sales Manager at Martek Lifecare, is an experienced community first responder with 11 years of experience in the field, and as of January 2023, he’s attended 86 cardiac arrests, resulting in 28 ROSCs (return of spontaneous circulation).

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