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The Lifeline Trainer AED

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The Lifeline Trainer AED is a dedicated training system, designed to give the end user a realistic experience of using a live Lifeline AED without actually dealing with a shockable device. Equipped with a remote control, this training unit can be used to easily train and prepare individuals for a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) emergency.  



  • Lifeline Training AED 
  • Rechargeable battery and charger 
  • Set of training pads 
  • Remote control 

Training Defibrillator Kit 

The Lifeline Trainer AED is designed to replicate the functionality of the Defibtech Lifeline range of defibrillators, in a training unit.

Red rubberised mouldings and labels clearly distinguish the Trainer AED as a training device, and the supplied remote control allows the user to change between six training rescue scenarios, as well as to switch between Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic mode.  

The Defibrillator Training Kit comes with all required accessories to be able to begin SCA training straight away and includes:

The Trainer AED

This unit can be used in Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic modes.  

Rechargeable Battery

Complete with charger for repeated use.  

Remote Control

Used to select training scenarios and modes. 

Set of Training AED Pads

Semi-adhesive, allowing for multiple uses.  

Lifeline Trainer Kit Contents

Lifeline Trainer FAQs

Please find a selection of frequently asked questions relating to the Trainer range of Lifeline AEDs.

How many different training scenarios does the Trainer AED provide? 

Six scenarios are provided, including ventricular fibrillation which converts to a non-shockable rhythm after the first shock, indicating correct use of the defibrillator.  

Can the Trainer AED be used to provide treatment in an emergency?  

No, the Trainer AED is for training purposes only.  

What modes can the Trainer AED provide? 

The Trainer AED can be used in either Semi-Automatic, and Fully-Automatic modes, replicating the functionality of the Lifeline AED and the Lifeline AUTO.  

Is the remote control provided with the Trainer AED? 

Yes, the remote control is included, allowing mode and scenario selection from a distance.  

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