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Defibrillator Storage

Our defibrillator storage products allow customers to house their defibrillators safely and securely. From secure cabinets to hard and soft lightweight carry cases. You’ll find an option here to suit your needs perfectly.

AED Cabinets and Cases

It is essential to properly protect and store your defibrillator to maintain the highest standards of emergency readiness. Our collection of cabinets and cases provides customers with a range of secure storage solutions designed for any environment or application.

Indoor Cabinet

Our indoor defibrillator cabinets are designed to keep your defibrillator in a fixed location, that’s accessibile immediately.

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Soft Case

If you use your defibrillator outside of a fixed environment and need to transport it, then our soft carry case is the perfect mobile solution.

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Outdoor Cabinet

Our outdoor defibrillator cabinets are designed are perfect for all weathers conditions.

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AED Protect Outdoor Cabinet

Our outdoor cabinet is available in either a lockable or an unlocked version.

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Lifeline VIEW Semi-Rigid Carrying Case

Designed to hold a Lifeline View/ECG AED.

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AED Storage Solutions

We stock three core storage products allowing customers to safely and securely store their defibrillators. The cabinets provide a fixed location that can be stored internally or externally, and both the soft and hard carry cases enable users to transport their AEDs safely and easily.

All of our solutions make it easier to access your defibrillator when you need it most, providing peace of mind that your device is available and ready to use at all times.

Benefits of defibrillator storage 

Purchasing defibrillator storage for your AED offers several benefits, whether your defibrillator forms part of an emergency response kit or is situated on-site at a business or on public premises. 


Your defibrillator is a valuable asset which must be rescue ready at all times. Exposure to the weather, dusty conditions and daily wear will affect performance. 

Additionally, dedicated storage ensures that your AED is protected against costly damage or vandalism, which could affect the function’s performance. It can also reduce the risk of theft – which is not uncommon given the high-value nature of AEDs. 

Easy to locate

Our defibrillator storage solutions aren’t only designed to protect and secure – they also feature a variety of visibility aids such as bright colours, large lettering and reflective materials to ensure your AED is easily located in the event of an emergency. 


The soft, lightweight cases are perfect for carrying AEDs securely on-site or for general public emergencies, whilst cabinets safely store them in their designated location. 


Please see the most commonly asked questions regarding our defibrillator storage.

What type of AED storage is the most secure?

The best type of AED storage is the one that meets your specific needs. Defibrillator cabinets are the most secure option, designed to be placed in a fixed location with bright lettering and a lockable metal casing. Soft carrying cases offer less security but increase portability, perfect for construction sites or public areas, whilst hard AED cases provide a good balance of protection and portability. Ultimately, the best type of AED storage for your premises will depend on the circumstances and purpose of your defibrillator.

Where’s the best place to keep an AED?

The best place to store your AED is in a designated and secure location near the front entrance or reception area of a building, with easy access for all users. In public spaces, such as recreational facilities and school grounds, the AED should be mounted in an outdoor cabinet where it can easily be accessed.

What are the benefits of defibrillator storage?

The main benefits of defibrillator storage include protection from the weather, wear and tear, vandalism and theft. Dedicated AED cabinets and carry cases also provide increased visibility, ensuring the device is always easily accessible in an emergency.

How important is visibility when it comes to AED storage solutions?

Visibility is essential when it comes to AED storage solutions. All our products feature visibility aids such as bright colours, large lettering and reflective materials to ensure your AED is always easily located in an emergency. Additionally, AED cabinets should be placed in a visible location where they are accessible but secure.

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