Are AEDS Safe to use on Children & Infants

One of the wonderful things about AEDs is their safety and efficiency across multiple age groups – including children and infants. Here we take a look at some of the facts around using AEDs on children, along with some considerations you should make when using an AED on a young person or infant. SCA can … Continued

16th January 2022

How Defibrillators Work – a Complete Guide

The life-saving capabilities of defibrillators are truly remarkable. The chance of surviving sudden cardiac arrest without intervention is just 8%, yet if a defibrillator is used within the first 3-5 minutes of SCA occurring the likelihood of survival is an astonishing 74%. European data shows that around 60,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests occur each year in … Continued

9th January 2022

Should you use an AED on someone who is pregnant, elderly or fitted with a pacemaker?

The life-saving ability of AED units has prevented over 30,000 fatalities to date in the UK alone. With over 523 million people worldwide living with diagnosed heart conditions (and many more undiagnosed), the increased availability of AEDs provides complete peace of mind should an unexpected cardiac arrest occur. In the event of sudden cardiac arrest, … Continued

10th December 2021

The Importance Of Maintaining Your AED

The chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest are less than 10%. If you’ve been looking into renting or buying an AED you’ll have seen that statistic a lot and it’s a stark figure isn’t it? Especially if you flip it around to say that the chance of NOT surviving a sudden cardiac arrest is higher … Continued

1st December 2021

AEDs In Sporting Areas

Ever since Christian Eriksen collapsed during the Denmark match against Finland in the 2020 Euro there has been a momentum building in the defibrillation space that can only be hailed as a success. Too many people die unnecessarily from sudden cardiac arrest because the truth is that the 10% survival rate could increase significantly to … Continued

23rd November 2021

Lifesaving AEDs on Public Transport

Using public transport whether it is for work needs or for leisure activities can sometimes feel like you’re putting your life into the laps of the gods. You’re not driving, you’re not in control of the vehicle, and you are clueless about who you’ll be sitting by. This brings us onto our topic – Sudden … Continued

15th November 2021

Applying AED Pads During Defibrillation

If you’ve never needed to help somebody during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest before, it’s highly likely that you’d rather run a mile than help if it were to happen in front of you. Many people would panic and feel the pressure of this life and death situation – and that’s completely understandable. But we want … Continued

4th November 2021

Should All UK Schools Have Defibrillators?

We don’t often bring up political news but we’re making exceptions here as long overdue changes could be ahead for schools after the education secretary, Gavin Williamson recently met with campaigners calling for it to be mandatory that all UK schools have an AED on their premises. It’s completely understandable why this campaign exists too … Continued

25th October 2021

SCA The Chain Of Survival

What can you do in a minute? Part boil a kettle. Put one shoe on and tie the laces. Save a life. Did you know that for every minute that a person is in cardiac arrest without access to a defibrillator and CPR, their chance of survival drops by around 10%? It doesn’t take a … Continued

14th October 2021

AEDs in Airports and Aircraft

While most of the population tend to have two feet on the ground most of the time, there are often points in our modern lives where we’re airborne. The world is now a very small place, and travelling by air to the other side of the planet is deemed as normal as popping to your … Continued

3rd October 2021