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Defibrillator Pads

Here at Martek Lifecare, we stock versatile and specialised defibrillator pads for Lifeline AEDs. We hold stock for adult and paediatric pads to suit the Lifeline AED, Lifeline Auto, Lifeline ECG and Lifeline View. We can also provide defibrillator pads for training AEDs.

Defibrillator Pads Replacement

Please browse our full range of defibrillator/AED pads, including adult and paediatric sizes suitable for all models of Lifeline defibrillators.

Award-Winning Lifecare

Our range of defibrillator pads is suitable for each defibrillator within our portfolio. These lifesaving pads are easy to connect and use, featuring an adhesive backing, resulting in a simple and hassle-free placement on the patient’s chest.
The pads can also detect and analyse heart rhythms of both adults and children, ensuring reliable readings.

Our Defibrillator Pads come with a variety of additional features, making them even more effective at delivering safe and reliable treatment:

  • Dual-pad technology – Permits detection and analysis of heart rhythms from both pads
  • Fast deployment – Defibrillation delivery is quick and efficient
  • Lightweight & flexible – Can be easily carried by medical staff
  • Easy to apply – Adhesive backing ensures secure application on the patient’s chest
  • Impressive Lifespan – Defibrillator pads have a shelf life of up to two years

Should you have any questions regarding our defibrillator accessories, please contact one of our team directly at 01709 599 222.

Pads for Defibrillator

You’ll find a comprehensive collection of defibrillator/AED pads at Martek Lifecare, including training pads for adults and children. 

Adult Pads

Two pairs of adult defibrillation pads (for those aged eight years and over), compatible with all Lifeline View, Auto, ECG and Pro models.

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Paediatric Pads

Smaller-sized paediatric pads designed for children under the age of eight. Suitable for use with all Lifeline models.

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Why Choose Martek Lifecare?

Our range of defibrillators and accessories is at the forefront of defibrillator technology, having received many awards and accolades for their products, including the easiest-to-use AED models on the market today.
This lifesaving technology is internationally recognised, with each AED model featuring unique innovations to ensure efficient and reliable support in a cardiac emergency.

The accessories have been designed and developed with the same attention to detail and cutting-edge technology, providing dependable quality and performance alongside the Lifeline AED range.


Please see a selection of commonly asked questions associated with our AED pads.

Which type of defibrillator pads do I need?

Different models require different types of pads. Defibrillator pads are single-use, so you should also ensure that you have a spare pair. For this reason, all AED pads come in packs of two. 
Adult pads can only be used on children over 8, whereas paediatric pads are recommended for those under 8 and ideal for use in schools, nurseries, businesses, or sites where children are often present. 

How often should AED pads be replaced?

Defibrillator pads should be replaced when the shelf life expires, usually two years from purchase. It is recommended to check your AED’s manufacturer guidelines for more information on specific product requirements.

What are defibrillator pads used for?

Defibrillation pads are used to deliver an electric shock to the heart in order to restore a normal rhythm during cardiac arrest. Defibrillator pads should only be used with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and should be replaced when they expire or after each use.

Where can I buy defibrillator pads?

Defibrillator pads are available to purchase from Martek Lifecare. We offer adult and paediatric pads compatible with all Lifeline defibrillator models. We also provide pads for use with training units.

Are AED pads safe to use?

AED pads are safe to use, provided they are properly installed and used correctly. Our pads should only be used with compatible Lifeline models and replaced when they expire or after each use. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions for your defibrillator before using the pads.

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