Beneficial Tips To Get A Heart Health Christmas

Christmas is just 18 days away so no doubt you’re all looking forward to fun and festivities with the family. But you should make sure that your health is always a top priority, even if it is the holiday season.

7th December 2016

AED Defibrillators Used For Treating Cardiac Arrests

AED defibrillators can be used to treat cardiac arrests when used correctly, and statins have been used for long time now to help prevent them.

Statins were hailed as a wonder drug when they first became available, as they both reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood stream and therefor reduce blood pressure.

30th November 2016

Providing Free Defibrillator Seminars to Bath Residents

While it is important that more defibrillators are readily available in the event of an emergency, it is equally crucial that those who operate them know how to use them properly.

This is why First Aiders in Bath are planning to provide a free seminar to residents on how to use the life-saving devices, the Bath Echo reported.

23rd November 2016

Yo-Yo Dieting Increases Heart Disease for Post-Menopausal Women

Women who have been through the menopause and who are trying to lose weight should perhaps take note of a new study from researchers at Brown University in the US suggesting that yo-yo dieting could increase the chances of death from heart disease.

Yo-yo dieting is where you repeatedly lose and regain weight, also known as weight cycling, and it’s been suggested that this kind of attempted weight loss can actually be very hazardous to your health.

21st November 2016

Proposed Defibrillator Bill in Parliament

MP for Lewes Maria Caulfield has proposed a bill in parliament that would require all schools to have defibrillators installed.

Her motion, the Defibrillators (Availability) Bill, was passed in the House of Commons and if it becomes law, would require all schools, sports centres and public facilities to have a defibrillator and provide defibrillator training to staff.

18th November 2016

New Defibrillator Donated To Charity

Harmony Youth Project in Bolton, a charity that specialises in helping young people from disadvantaged backgrounds fulfill their potential, has received a new defibrillator worth £900.

The Bolton News revealed that Harmony Youth Project was given the equipment as a result of a collaboration between Taylor Wimpey Manchester and national charity Hand on Heart.

11th November 2016

A Lifesaving App That Shows All Defibrillators In The UK

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust has just launched a new lifesaving app that enables local residents in Oxfordshire to find the nearest defibrillator to them if they see someone having a heart attack.

7th November 2016

Atrial Fibrillation Aware Week for November

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is an irregular pulse that might be a sign that you have an abnormal heart rhythm, one of the most common forms of this and a major cause of stroke. It’s usually caused by heart valve disease, high blood pressure, excess alcohol consumption or thyrotoxicosis (an overactive thyroid gland). However, it is also associated with coronary heart disease.

7th November 2016

Increasing Fundraised Defibrillator Installations

An abundance of defibrillators have been installed in areas all across the UK recently, providing essential lifesaving equipment to towns and villages. Many of these are far away from hospitals and ambulance services, so the installation of defibrillators in such places means that time and lives can be saved.

7th November 2016