An outbreak of legionnaires’ disease is very bad for businesses and there can be severe consequences if business owners fail tcontrothriskof a legionella outbreak.


Like everybody in the UK, we imagine that you are waiting for the day things get back to normal. If your building was forced to close due the COVID-19 virus, your water systems could be at a higher risk of containing legionella bacteria due to water stagnation, which, if inhaled, can cause pneumonia like symptoms in the lungs.

We understand there are many things on your checklist to ensure the safety of your staff and clients. You may be thinking about having enough PPE, your stock replenishment and all fire safety checks in place.

But have you thought about your water systems and legionnaires’ disease?




We created this guide to help you in taking the right steps in providing safety to those within your premises and understand how to:
• Identify and assess sources of risk
• Manage any risks
• Prevent or control any risks
• Keep and maintain the correct records
• Look out where Legionella bacteria can grow or spread
• Test your water systems
Prepare your business for re-opening post COVID.

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