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Would you put your life in a child's hands? Now you can with confidence! The Lifeline VIEW is the ONLY AED on the market with a full colour video screen - so even a child can use it with confidence in a rescue.

Clear voice instructions and graphics on a full-colour screen help anyone use the AED. A world first, even in noisy environments the device can be easily used thanks to the easy to understand video.

It's not just us who think the VIEW is the bees knees: it's been proven time and again by independent studies to be the easiest AED on the market to use - even without training. A trial by West Midlands Fire Service resulted in a top score of 100/100, while an independent study by first aid leaders Centric proved the highest success rate for untrained users.

From a technical perspective, the device is incredibly rugged thanks to the military-standard testing it's gone through. It's IP55 rating against dust and water ingress means it's ideal for many different and even harsh environments.

The design of the Lifeline range is unique: it's not supposed to look like a scary medical device. That's because AEDs can be used by anyone - including untrained users - but users can be put off if something looks too 'hospitally'. The bright yellow attracts the eye to help easy location, and the carry handle ensures an easy grip. Even if the device is dropped, the rugged rounded rubberised corners (say that three times fast) will protect the AED.


  • Ideal for the completely untrained user
  • The first and only AED with full-colour instructional video coach – for all aspects of the rescue including CPR and rescue breathing
  • Proven to be the easiest to use family of AEDs on the market by independent study
  • Extremely compact & lightweight – 1.4kg.
  • On-screen instructions mean anyone can use- people who are heard of hearing; don’t speak English as their first language; in very noisy environments


  • Lifeline VIEW AED
  • Standard Battery
  • Adult Pads
  • Paediatric Pads
  • Soft Carry Case
  • Rescue Ready Kit
  • Familiarisation Training

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