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Every week in the UK, 12 apparently fit and healthy young people, under the age of 35, die from undiagnosed cardiac conditions. The defect is usually due to an inherited condition and in around 80% of these cases there were no symptoms beforehand.

These heart conditions lead to Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) which is one of the biggest causes of death in the UK, claiming over 140,000 victims each year.  Early defibrillation is the key to saving a victim of SCA, with the chances of survival rising up to 70% if defibrillation is achieved within the first 3 minutes compared to a 5% chance of survival if a defibrillator is not present.

Easiest to Use Defibrillator on the Market

The Lifeline AED has been proven to be the world's simplest automated external defibrillator to use, and with calm voice prompts and only two buttons to press, anyone can save a life.

In an independent usability study carried out by the University of Illinois the Lifeline AED was found to be the easiest of the 5 market leading defibrillators for use by minimally trained bystanders to successfully deliver a shock. Click here to read the study for yourself.

The Lifeline AED allows first aiders to deliver life saving care within seconds but is so simple to use that anyone can use it without being medically trained.

School Defibrillator & Training Package

Our Defibtech Lifeline AED – Semi-Automated External Defibrillator schools package includes:

  • 5-year lithium battery pack;
  • 1 pair of defibrillation pads;
  • 1 pair of paediatric defibrillation pads;
  • Rescue kit – including wipes, face shield, gloves, scissors, swab & razor;
  • 10 minute overview DVD – showing the features of the AED;
  • Extra: Training course for up to 8 people – delivered at your school
  • Extra Training course for up to 16 people - delivered at your school
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