Manikin Wipes

The professionals choice of Manikin Wipes.


These disposable Manikin Wipes come in tubs of 200 and this package includes 10 tubs.


Use these wipes to quickly and effectively clean the face and mouth of a manikin after each student has used the manikin.

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    Product Details

    These disposable manikin wipes come in tubs of 200 and should be used to wipe the manikin clean after each student has used the manikin. This package includes 10 tubs with 200 wipes in each tub.

    When you are delivering training with CPR manikins they need to be completely safe for the trainees. These manikin wipes ensure your manikin is clean and safe for the next person to use.

    Manikin Wipes, Features & Benefits:

    • Suitable for cleaning the face and mouth of resuscitation manikins during CPR training
    • Quick Anti-microbial action prevents cross infection
    • The formula will not damage manikins
    • Suitable for use on all hard surfaces.
    • Convenient – easy to dispense canister.
    • Supplied in a drum of 200
    • The professionals choice for infection control!

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