Lifeline AUTO High Capacity- Fully-Automatic Defibrillator

Fully automatic external defibrillator with a battery pack that will last for 5 years on standby, 125 shocks or 8 hours of continuous use.

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    Lifeline AUTO High Capacity AED (APPROX. 7 YEAR)

    Super easy and simple to use, the Lifeline Auto AED can be operated by anyone! Once pads are placed on the patient’s chest, the AED does all the work and delivers a shock (if required) without the need for someone to press a button.

    It sounds like a simple thing, to press a button, doesn’t it? However, in an emergency situation, removing any element of human deviation or hesitation will ensure a swifter response. That’s vital in cardiac arrest emergencies, where every second counts (and that’s not an exaggeration!). By removing the need to press a button, a shock can be delivered faster and the patient’s chance of survival can increase.

    The Lifeline Auto has clear voice instructions to guide the user through a rescue – so even untrained bystanders can use it with confidence. The bright yellow and black design enables easy location – without being offputting by looking too much like ‘professional hospital’ equipment. Bystanders are more likely to have confidence to intervene in a cardiac emergency if the equipment is clearly for their use – they may stand back and await paramedic intervention if a device looks too complex.

    The built-in carry handle and light 1.9kg weight makes the Lifeline Auto very portable. At the same time the rubberised corners prevent damage to the device if it’s dropped (accidents happen!). An IP54 rating against dust and water ingress allows for confidence use and storage even in harsh environments, too.

    The Lifeline AED range have been PROVEN time and again by completely independent studies to be the easiest AEDs available on the market for untrained bystanders AND trained professionals to use. More than that, their simple design, long standard battery pack (approx 5 year) or a high use (approx 7 year) battery life, and unique separate 9 volt self-test battery make them a favourite for medical professionals, schools, and public buildings too.


    – Is part of the range PROVEN easiest for untrained users

    – Weighs just 1.9kg

    – Has an IP54 rating (dust and water ingress protection)

    – Is tested to military standards for ruggedness

    – Eliminates a human step in the shock-CPR cycle to help raise chance of survival


    – Receive free unlimited aftersales customer service help and advice

    – You’ll receive reminders before your pads and batteries run out so you’re never without

    – You’re covered by a unique 8 year warranty on the unit and a 4 year warranty on the battery pack

    – You’ll receive free delivery when buying online

    – We’ll replace your AED in 24hrs if there’s a fault under warranty

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