Lifeline AED Standard- Semi-Automatic Defibrillator

Semi-automatic external defibrillator with a battery pack that will last 5 years, 125 shocks or 8 hours of continuous use.

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    Product Details

    Lifeline AED Standard (approx. 5 year)

    Simple and easy to use, the Lifeline AED is a semi-automatic device that is safe and straightforward to use. Anyone can save a life!

    The eye-catching yellow and black design ensures the device is easily seen even in crowded environments. Quick-thinking bystanders or trained first aiders can all locate the AED quickly and carry it with ease (thanks to the light 1.9kg weight and built-in carry handle) to the patient.

    All a rescuer needs to do is place pads on the patient as per the voice instructions, and press the shock button if the AED decides a shock is required. A CPR metronome will help rescuers maintain regular compressions during a continuous shock-CPR cycle until the patient’s heart restores a normal rhythm or emergency medical services arrive.

    The Lifeline range of AEDs have unique power options. It’s not just about the choice of a standard battery (approx 5 year) or the high use battery (approx 7 year), oh no! It’s about the separate 9 volt battery: this powers daily self-tests without risking a drain on the lifesaving power supply. You’ll always know your AED is in working condition thanks to the 9 volt battery and regular tests: a green flashing light tells you everything is OK.

    Tested to military standards and boasting an IP54 rating against dust and water ingress, the Lifeline AED is ideal for even the most rugged environments. The rubber bumpers mean if it’s dropped (fumbling does happen in emergencies!) the device will still work. If you don’t think that’s a great thing to shout about, check out the recent Centric First Aid independent study on the Lifeline range – many moving parts on other AEDs failed simple tests, rendering them useless in a rescue. The Lifeline AEDs are the best!


    – Is only 1.9kg

    – Self-tests every day from a separate 9 volt battery for peace of mind

    – Has an optional training conversion unit to safely train staff

    – Stays up-to-date with free data card updates if UK Resuscitation Council guidelines change

    – Is PROVEN by independent studies as easiest range of AEDs to use


    – Continued aftercare service: we’ll remind you when your battery needs replacing

    – 24hr replacement under warranty if your AED has a fault

    – FREE delivery with online orders

    – Unique 8 year warranty on the unit- no other AED in the UK compares!

    – 4 year warranty on the battery pack


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