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Peace Of Mind For Liverpool FC Thanks To The ARM

Published on 22nd June 2016

Liverpool FC have just become the latest sports club to invest in the safety of their players by purchasing two Lifeline ARM devices from Martek Lifecare. Designed to provide perfect compressions for continuous hands-free CPR, the ARM is an essential piece of first aid kit in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Liverpool FC have placed one in their training ground at Melwood and one at Anfield stadium to make sure all players, non playing staff and indeed supporters have peace of mind at all times.

When giving manual CPR, minute changes in compressions have a significant impact on survival rates: even a minimal slowing down in the speed, or irregularity in compressions, will prevent oxygen from continuing to be effectively passed around the body. As the person giving CPR tires out, it is inevitable that compression depth, rate, and rhythm will slow and become less regular. A hands-free automatic CPR device like the Lifeline ARM takes away human fatigue from the situation, and therefore significantly improves survival rates.

The hands-free CPR device is part of the Defibtech critical Lifeline range of first aid products. It provides continuous CPR compressions, or works in conjunction with an automated external defibrillator (AED) for a shock-compression cycle. It is ideal for taking a patient from the site of collapse through to the hospital without interruption to the CPR cycle, which is much harder to do with manual CPR.

The device is placed around the patient’s body, enabling paramedics to maneuver the patient without interrupting compressions. The device can be loaded onto the ambulance with the patient, providing continuous CPR in the process, leaving paramedics free to complete other tasks. It also prevents risk to emergency responders, as delivering manual CPR in a moving ambulance presents difficulties and increases the likelihood of inconsistent compressions. The ARM removes these problems.
“Everyone remembers Fabrice Muamba’s critical on-pitch collapse from sudden cardiac arrest in 2012,” said Steve Lowe, Regional Sales Manager for Martek Lifecare. “The only reason he managed to survive was with a similar hands-free CPR device – and the technology since then has already significantly improved.

“The ARM can work with AEDs to leave first responders and paramedics free to attend to other lifesaving tasks, and we’re proud to be able to deliver such vital equipment to such an established sports club. We hope that other organisations will recognise Liverpool FC’s commitment to the safety of players and see the benefits provided in having the ARM as part of their first response kit.”

The Lifeline ARM is available from Martek Lifecare. For more details on defibrillators for sports clubs or to book a demonstration, please contact [email protected] in the first instance.