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Nottinghamshire Council – leading the way against the World’s biggest killer!

Published on 1st August 2017

Nottinghamshire County Council has invested in automated external defibrillators (AEDs) from MARTEK LIFECARE for their residential homes and day service establishments.  The AED’s were provided by MARTEK LIFECARE the exclusive UK partner of the DEFIBTECH range in the UK.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is the World’s biggest killer with over 60,000 people dying every year in the UK. Without a defibrillator survival rates decrease by 20% with every minute that passes after a cardiac arrest and with average ambulance response times of 11 minutes in the UK it is crucial to have more AEDs in in public areas. The Resuscitation Council UK strongly recommends a policy of early defibrillation that increase survival rates from 5% to an incredible 74%.

The award-winning LIFELINE AED range is designed to be the simplest AED to operate and deploy on a patient which has been verified in independent studies when compared to other models on the market.

Having considered a variety of devices Ian Masson, Group Manager Residential Care and Support explains “We felt that these devices were simple to operate and required a minimum of maintenance.” 

MARTEK LIFECARE delivered familiarisation training to almost 100 staff and at the end of this training, Kathie Anderson, Day Service Leader said, staff commented that this was the best and most worthwhile two hours of training that they had ever received.”

Bradley Jones, Day Service leader said, “I can say of all the training I have done this was the one that I enjoyed more than most.”

Nottinghamshire CC wanted to provide these devices within their establishments as a responsible employer and service provider.  “If we’re able to save one person who has a sudden cardiac arrest then the investment in the AEDs is positive” said Ian.

Steve Coulson, Director of MARTEK LIFECARE summed up “We applaud the likes of Nottinghamshire County Council who set the standards for responsible employers.”

To see how you can benefit from investing in AEDs please visit our website www.martek-lifecare.com.