Too many young people are killed every week from Sudden Cardiac Arrest: It’s time to act!

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) can affect anybody, regardless of age, gender, fitness and lifestyle. The preconception is that SCA only happens to the elderly or the unhealthy. There are many cases every year of SCA in children – and if fast medical action isn’t taken, it can result in fatal devastating circumstances.There are over 60,000 Sudden Cardiac Arrests every year in the UK. On average, only 8% of people survive. That’s only 11,200 survivors a year. Of those that don’t survive, over 620 will be young people. 270 young people experience Sudden Cardiac Arrests in school every year in the UK. Now is the time educational establishments need to ACT. Every minute without CPR the victim’s chance of survival rate drops by 20%. The average ambulance response time in the UK is 11 minutes. Without CPR and defibrillation, the casualty list would be even higher. This drastically increases to 90% if a defibrillator is used upon the victim within the first minute.

When passed, as of the 1st April 2020, all educational establishments in England & Wales must have a defibrillator on every campus that is in operation. The Health & Wellbeing board will be dutiful to promoting, encouraging and helping facilitate the comprehensive provision of publically available defibrillators.

The Health & Wellbeing board will aid establishments in determining the most effective location of the defibrillator, provide advice to owners of the premises on the installation of the defibrillators, help identify funders for the provision of defibrillators. They will also help establishments source funding, the provision of training and defibrillator best practices, such as locations and safe-keeping.

Martek Lifecare strongly believes that every educational establishment should have their own or have immediate access to a defibrillator. Our Lifeline AEDs are incredibly easy to use, and the device will talk the user through the complete defibrillation process. It is also impossible for a person not in a cardiac arrest to receive a shock form from a Lifeline defibrillator, expelling any myths and misconceptions that it is hard to use and may cause more harm than good.

Our Lifeline defibrillators set the industry standard and with advancements in technology, are consistently breaking the industry norms to provide effective and reliable defibrillator devices.

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