You never know when or where the unthinkable will strike. You must be prepared!

There is no better time than now to check that your AED pads are in good working order because we currently offer a spectacular offer on our Adult Lifeline AED pads and Lifeline VIEW pads for any orders placed between now and the new year.

The Lifeline AED pads, now at £29, have an expiration date of June 2024,  and the Lifeline VIEW pads, priced now at £43, have an expiration date of December 2024.

While the cost of living is soaring, let’s keep the cost of survival low; no one should have to pay the ultimate price because of out-of-date AED pads.

Know where your AED is? Go and check the expiry date on your pads now.

Don’t risk lives. Place your order now and secure your in-date pads today!

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