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The Lifeline ARM is an automated CPR device designed to take away the problems caused by manual CPR in the case of cardiac arrest.

The ARM delivers a regular rate and depth of compression on the patient, over any length of time. During manual CPR, the irregularties caused by fatigue in the rescuer have a significant impact on the success of the CPR cycle. The ARM eradicates all variation by providing automatic CPR at the touch of a button.

Easily fitted around any patient, the ARM can be used in conjunction with an automated external defibrillator to deliver a comprehensive and reliable shock-CPR cycle for best chance of survival. The ARM enables rescuers and paramedics to remain hands-free during treatment in order to focus on other life-saving tasks without detriment to the patient.

Unlike people, the ARM never tires out. Continuous CPR at a guaranteed safe and regular depth and compression ensures the best chance of survival for the patient. Ideal for remote areas, sports clubs, ambulance teams, and first aid, fire, and rescue organisations, the Lifeline ARM makes CPR easy, simple, and reliable every time.

Important Factors:

  • The simplest Automated CPR machine in the world
  • The most modern CPR machine on the market
  • Lightweight & folds down into its own backpack
  • Transports with the patient for continuous CPR
  • Simplest battery change in the world with minimum CPR interruption
  • High visibility for easy location in an emergency
  • Real-time protocol selection for compression-only or compressions with breaths
  • Easily accessed full data log for post-event review

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