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Like it's automatic brother the Lifeline ECG, the Lifeline PRO AED is perfect for professional use. A semi-automatic AED with a video screen that displays real-time ECG feedback, the Lifeline PRO is simple, easy, and quick to use in cardiac emergencies.

No extra carry handles or cases make the Lifeline PRO easy to access in an emergency, while the simple instructions delivered are clear to understand even for trainees.

Provided with a full rescue kit (wipes, face shield, gloves, scissors, swab, and razor), the Lifeline PRO promises a full emergency defibrillation option in one package. With the FASTEST shock charge time available at under 4 seconds, the Lifeline PRO is in the range which has time and again been proven by independent studies to be the best AED option on the market. Think we're blowing our own trumpet too much? Check out the latest 2016 independent study from Centric First Aid - and then find West Midlands Fire Service and ask if their score of 100/100 in testing was justified!

The Lifeline PRO delivers everything that's needed for an AED in one simple package. An easy-to-use sleek design allows for fast access and the lightweight 1.4kg device is incredibly portable. The built-in video screen provides a second function too: maintenance videos show you exactly how to keep your Lifeline PRO AED in tip-top working condition.

Key Features Of The Lifeline PRO:

- 4 year lithium battery option (5 year standby, 125 shocks, or 8 hours continuous use)

- Built-in video screen for clear real-time ECG readings

- Fully contained semi-automatic professional AED: no cases required

- IP55 rating against dust and water ingress for reliability even in harsh environments

- FREE ongoing support for the lifetime of the device (battery reminders, warranty, free software upgrades)




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