Reports about the existence of Legionella Bacteria in waters are on the rise.

In the UK, reported cases of Legionnaires disease are on the increase; from 360 in 2016 to 450 in 2017 to 530 in 2018 and 503 in 2019 

study in the Netherlands tracked the wellbeing of 122 people who survived a significant outbreak which claimed 32 lives. It found that many experienced long-term conditions that lasted several months beyond their initial diagnosis, treatment and hospital discharge.

The report suggested that many experienced symptoms of fatigue, neurological impairment such as problems concentrating and malaise, and neuromuscular issues that remained for up to 17 months. Two-thirds of patients reported that they experienced memory loss and a lack of concentration following their successful treatment. In addition to these neurological symptoms, 63% of participants in the study stated they also suffered from ongoing muscular aches or weakness.

Are there Legionella risks in my workplace?

Any water system, with the right environmental conditions, could be a source for legionella bacteria growth. All man-made water systems can be a breeding ground for Legionella and can provide the perfect environment for the bacteria to thrive. You should be paying particular attention to these areas:

– Any part of your water system that has a temperature between 20–45°C.

– Any outlet that creates and disperses water droplets. This includes showers, sink taps, air conditioning units, fire hoses, and washing equipment.

– Anywhere that water is stored or re-circulated.

– Places where there are deposits containing nutrients that allow bacteria to grow such as rust, sludge, scale, organic matter, and biofilms.

Once Legionella has made it onto your water systems, the right conditions can cause it to grow and spread. With such a high risk of contamination, maintaining the quality of water within your workplace with regular testing is vital.

By carrying out regular testing, you are able to identify small amounts of Legionella bacteria before they become too great to treat. If you do not test regularly you run the risk of widespread contamination, which may result in your water system, and therefore your entire workplace, being out of action while it is disinfected.

Know what your water is made of. Remove your doubts and uncertainty with the help of LegionellaMAX water testing kit. Legionella water testing doesn’t have to be complicated and shouldn’t take you days or a week before you get the result.

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Catch Legionella BEFORE an outbreak occurs with the help of LegionellaMAX

Legionnaires’ Disease can be a serious and deadly illness, so it is important to prevent and contain any outbreaks before they occur. By taking important steps to maintain the safety of all water sources, it is possible to ensure Legionella and other bacteria are prohibited from growing to dangerous levels.

The LegionellaMAX test kit does away with all of this – as the most advanced, accurate and versatile testing technology, it can detect Legionella bacteria, both in water samples and biofilms within 35 minutes. No formal training is needed and all conducted on-site, this is prevention in it’s simplest form.



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