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If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you’re considering a career change, seeking a job with real meaning where you can help revolutionize an industry. This could be a life changing decision for you!

At Martek, we defy convention. In turn we’ll expect you to challenge the way things are done, speak up with new ideas and venture from the norm. What makes Martek such a unique place to work is our high-performing culture. It’s based on a combination of personal performance, teamwork and support. We’re challenging but nurturing, daring but trusting.

People who join Martek share a certain mindset. They’re driven, hard-working, and they excel at giving their best to deliver a legendary customer experience. In return, they enjoy a varied and dynamic career. High performers (A-Players) stay with us and this is a testament to how much we value and reward their contribution.


We believe that company growth and personal growth go hand in hand; one drives the other. So we give you a huge degree of self-responsibility, where you think with an entrepreneurial spirit, exercise sound judgment, assume accountability and have the freedom to make decisions. You’ll feel valued, trusted and empowered to act, and give your best to succeed knowing we’ll support you all the way.

While you’re driven to be successful, it’s in our interest too. So we’ll be obsessive about investing in your continual professional development and give our genuine attention to the progression of your career. You’ll get a MINIMUM of 40 hours continual professional development and this is our passion. Most people do a lot more than 40 hours via: courses; books (they’re free to you); podcasts; TED Talks; Youtube; blogs; etc. Our culture is challenging but massively supportive and you’ll benefit from systematic structured one-to-one coaching from your manager who’s a trained high performance coach. It’s time intensive, but we believe it’s crucial. It’s how we recognize your achievements and help you continue to perform – for us, for our customers and for your own ambition.

We also have a very thorough people review process, unlike any we know of. Whatever career path you can imagine, with commitment and results you can actually make it happen.


As well as being well paid, you’ll get a lot more from us than you’d get elsewhere. You’ll have freedom to work the hours you need, to get your job done and achieve your objectives. You’ll be free to choose how many holidays you take - it’s up to you. You’ll have a big say in what you’re working on with freedom to experiment, take risks and pursue projects of your own choice to serve our Mission. 

We also want you to be fit and well which is why you’ll get: free fruit & breakfast; subsidised gym membership (5 mins walk away); a Fitbit activity tracker with regular competitions; Westfield Level 2 healthcare cover; free flu jabs. If we’ve had a particularly good month, you may even get a massage too!

Whilst undoubtedly we work hard to be the best in the world, we’re also pretty good at playing hard too! Forget political correctness – we’re here to have fun in an environment where everyone can be themselves. We’ve got a ‘fun budget’ which departments use for monthly social events and full company events. We also go away at least once a year for a Martek adventure – not the usual dull and boring team building rubbish.

Our high-performing workplace is a hub of positivity and a network of support. As our company founder puts it:

“It’s an obsession of mine to create a company culture in which every single person develops the will to succeed and have fun doing so. Acquiring and developing the best talent to achieve things they may not even have thought possible, is my major driver.”

Paul Luen, Founder & Group CEO