Despite the fact that public access defibrillators have saved countless lives, many businesses are still reluctant to invest in AEDs.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is the world’s biggest killer and can strike anyone, anywhere at any time. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean that you’re free from risk – there have been many high-profile cases among sports people in recent years and reports suggest that the number of young athletes suffering cardiac arrests could be as high as twenty per week.

Many people have no idea that they have an abnormal heart rhythm, even regular screening isn’t guaranteed to identify a problem as symptoms aren’t always present and heart conditions can develop quickly at any time. This is why you’ll now find defibrillators in schools, workplaces, transport hubs, sports venues and tourist spots – and they’re saving lives.

Anyone can use a portable AED, you don’t need to have a medical background or any special training. You can’t make a mistake and it’s impossible to shock someone who isn’t having a cardiac arrest. The unit will analyse and assess the victim’s heart rhythm and make all the decisions, guiding you through each step of the rescue process by providing audio and visual prompts. This will calm the user, save time and make all the difference to the victim’s survival.

There are no restrictions on who can use a defibrillator, but when it comes to sudden cardiac arrest you can never be too prepared. If you don’t have a medical background, it is quite likely that you’ll be in a state of panic during an emergency so even the most basic background knowledge can give you more confidence and help you to deal with the situation calmly and successfully.

An independent usability study has shown Lifeline AEDs to be the easiest to use on the market.
They’re lightweight and compact for portability, and look sleek, professional and non-threatening – something that’s an important factor for anyone feeling daunted when using a defib for the very first time.


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