We’ve developed a free defibrillator training aid to help you feel more comfortable in dealing with a sudden cardiac arrest.

If you don’t have a medical background it is quite likely that you’ll be in a state of panic during an emergency. Basic background knowledge can give you more confidence and help you to deal with the situation calmly and successfully. An AED training course is useful to ensure you have peace of mind.

Whilst we do have a great range of paid courses available we want everyone to know how to react to a sudden cardiac arrest. To make sure that everyone has access to this basic knowledge and understanding we have developed a free training aid.

Simply fill out the form button to access the free defibrillator training aid.

Free Defibrillator Training Guidelines

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What is included in the Free Defibrillator Training

  • An introduction to what sudden cardiac arrest is
  • The difference between a Sudden Cardiac Arrest and a heart attack
  • The signs, symptoms and possible causes of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • The statistics surrounding Sudden Cardiac Arrest and ambulance response times
  • Why a quick and effective bystander response is essential to improving the patients chance of survival
  • The Chain of Survival – the interlinking actions which need to be followed to maximises the chance of survival
  • How to look after and use your Lifeline defibrillator
  • A scored quiz to test what you have learned

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Martek Lifecare is the exclusive UK distributor of the market-leading Defibtech Lifeline Defibrillator range.

The Lifeline range of defibrillators has repeatedly won awards as the simplest to use and the most reliable devices available on the market.

You can purchase defibrillators outright or we do offer a great value rental scheme to suit every budget.

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