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Rail Safety Week

24/06/2024 to 30/06/2024

Building Safety Together: Ensuring emergency preparedness against Sudden Cardiac Arrest on public transport  

We are supporting Rail Safety Week this 24th-30th June.  

Rail Safety Week is an industry-wide initiative promoting rail safety for everyone – passengers, personnel, and the public. It fosters collaboration, knowledge sharing, and prioritises safety across the UK rail network.  

 Rail Safety Week aims to:  

If you would like to know how to get involved in this event, visit the Rail Safety Week website here.  

At Martek Lifecare, we have worked with several transport providers on placing defibs on board planes, trains, buses, trams and more, as well as in stations – it might not be the first thing to enter your mind when you think of rail safety, but Sudden Cardiac Arrest can happen anywhere at any time!  

When The Safety of Numbers Could Save Your Life  

If you apply the sudden cardiac arrest survival statistics to the sheer number of passengers using public transport, it highlights the importance of first aid and health provisions being accessible in case of emergencies. Government statistics show that during 2019/2020:  

These enormous numbers highlight the need for readily available first aid and health provisions, including defibrillators, on public transport. 

Tackling Sudden Cardiac Arrest In Public  

Around  20% of SCA’s occur in a public place, including on public transport. SCA is now the largest killer in the world, and this really doesn’t need to be the case.  

Through initiatives like the Rail Safety Week and increasing awareness in public transport networks of the importance of keeping the billions of passengers they transport each year heart-safe; this alone could make a significant dent in the SCA death rates in our country.  

Ready to make a difference? Get in touch with our team to discuss AED package options that best suit your needs and help keep your personnel and passengers safe from SCA.