Emergency Oxygen

Simple, light & specifically designed for workplace first aiders

Why is Emergency Oxygen so important?

Life-threatening emergencies are usually accompanied by low levels of oxygen to the brain and heart. Without enough oxygen, the brain can begin to die within just a few minutes

The use of emergency oxygen and oxygen therapy is quickly becoming accepted as an essential part of both the prevention or emergency situations and in the recovery of patients from emergency situations. Oxygen can be the difference between life and death for patients who have suffered a stroke, trauma, cardiac arrest or heart attack as the body will most likely be struggling to take in enough oxygen for the optimal recovery. The use of oxygen therapy can also prevent medical issues from arising if a patient is suffering from chest pains prior to a heart attack, a severe asthma attack or COPD.

Who can use Emergency Oxygen?

The prospect of you delivering emergency oxygen may seem daunting and as though it should only be administered by professionals but the benefits are unrivaled. According to the British Thoracic Society, 1 in 7 patients in UK hospitals receives oxygen therapy for their condition on any given day. Martek Lifecare’s emergency oxygen equipment is designed to be as simple as possible and due to these recent developments, the correct and safe use of emergency oxygen can now be taught to anybody as an addition to basic first aid courses.

This is great news for workplace and community trained first aiders who can now take this course to allow them to safely administer oxygen in an extensive range of medical
situations from asthma attacks and chest pains to during and after a sudden cardiac arrest.

Chain of Survival

Oxygen and Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The first steps in the chain of survival are to call an ambulance, begin CPR to keep oxygen flowing and most importantly start defibrillation as soon as possible. Emergency oxygen for the breathing patient should be given immediately after resuscitation as this is the single most important first aid action to help prevent rearrest. Currently, around 1 in 6 patient will rearrest. Use of emergency oxygen earlier may also increase the effectiveness of CPR until an AED arrives.

Emergency Oxygen Package

The complete package is a lease deal which runs over a three year period to offer massive savings of over £600!

♥ Lifeline VIEW Fully Automatic Defibrillator
♥ Defibrillator Wall Mount
♥ A Pulse Oximeter (to measure blood oxygen levels)
♥ Lightweight Cylinder of Emergency Oxygen w/regulator
♥ Oxygen Delivery Kit
♥ AED & Oxygen Training for up to 8 people
♥ Annual service & Maintenance visit including cylinder refil


  • Course Details

    As part of the complete package Martek Lifecare offers Emergency Oxygen training for groups of up to 8 people at a location of your choosing.

    Duration: 4 hours
    Certification: Yes, valid for one year
    Prerequisite to Attend: All delegates must hold a valid First Aid certificate
    Places Available Per Course: Up to 8 delegates

    Course Syllabus:
    • Administering Oxygen
    • Pulse Oximetry
    • Safety and Storage Of Cylinders
    • Emergency Oxygen Cylinders
    • Resuscitation Equipment
    • Use of Oxygen

  • Oxygen Cylinder Spec

    • Carbon composite cylinder
    • Service pressure 300 bar
    • Minimum water capacity 2l
    • Test pressure 450 bar
    • Regulator capable of delivering between 1-15lpm
    • Light weight

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