Defibrillator Installed on Emmerdale Set

In looking to raise awareness of the need of emergency defibrillators in as many places across the UK as possible, every little act of promotion of the cause helps – especially if it has the potential to be seen by millions of viewers on primetime television.

Popular TV soap Emmerdale has installed an emergency lifesaving defibrillator in pride of place on the set of the TV show reported the Telegraph and Argus. The defibrillator was placed on a wall of one of the main streets on the set and was supported by an array of the soap’s stars that turned out to watch its installation.

Emmerdale executives hope that this help not only the cast and crew, who could potentially suffer from cardiac arrest but the viewing public in raising awareness of the need to have defibrillators fitted in as many locations as possible.

Having more of these lifesaving kits available will no doubt save thousands of lives around the UK, and can be the difference between life and death whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive if someone is having a cardiac arrest.

They also offer peace of mind in knowing that you have the kit to hand nearby if an incident should occur.

Although there are still not enough of these available around the country, defibrillators are definitely on the increase within many small villages and towns that aren’t close enough to large hospital and a long distance for emergency services to travel.

Hopefully Emmerdale will offer people a reminder of their importance and spur on more fundraising to install a defibrillator to as many locations as possible!



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