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Crowdfunding Campaign for Defibrillators in Milton Keynes

Published on 27th June 2017

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by Camphill Communities in bid to raise the money needed for two automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to be installed in two busy public spaces.

The Milton Keynes Citizen revealed that the organisation’s theatre and cafe will be the two locations to benefit from having the lifesaving devices installed.

Camphill Communities is a charity that provides a community resource for the town, with a specific focus on those with learning disabilities.

The charity is using Space Hive as the crowdfunding platform, with the aim of raising nearly £3,000 for the devices.

As well as installing the defibrillators themselves, the charity has also pledged to use some of the money raised to help raise awareness of the devices, not just at their own locations, but all public spaces.

More and more people are coming to understand the importance of quick action when someone suffers a cardiac arrest and are therefore more aware of how important AEDs can be in saving lives when used quickly.

The Malvern Gazette recently revealed that an anonymous donor had provided the money required to set up an emergency defibrillator at a popular spot among hikers, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts in the Malvern Hills.

Gestures like this really can save lives, and although AEDs are designed so that anyone can use them, providing training in defibrillator use and other resuscitation techniques can be invaluable for members of the community.

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