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Outdoor AED Cabinet



The outdoor defibrillator cabinets provide customers with a safe, secure and affordable storage option for your Lifeline Defibrillators.



  • Polycarbonate door is incredibly durable, providing unbeatable strength and security.
  • Emergency Services can now easily locate you thanks to the revolutionary unique location Code technology.
  • Ten year Cabinet warranty with 2 year lock warranty.
  • Thermostatically controlled to protect against rain, frost and snow.
  • Low energy – low voltage
  • Locked and unlocked options
  • Mains powered

Outdoor AED Storage

Our outdoor range of AED storage cabinets are one of the only options available on the UK market with an IP66 rating, protecting against dust and water. It features a polycarbonate door similar to that used on riot shields, thermally resistant double skin construction, metal hinges with security fixings, low voltage – low energy operation and LED lighting.

It comes with a 10 year warranty and 2 years warranty on the stainless steel mechanical lock. It also has a unique location code (pin point location) which allows emergency services to quickly locate your AED should it be required. The Martek Outdoor outdoor AED Cabinet with Keypad Lock is reliable, cost-effective and provides maximum protection for your life-saving device.

Various Options

The outdoor cabinet is available in two options; either with a keypad lock or a stainless steel mechanical lock.


The unlocked option allows you to access the AED whilst not compromising safety. It is suitable for places such as office buildings, shopping centres or parks.


This option has a mechanical lock and two keys provided. This option provides the highest level of security and is perfect for areas where it can only be accessed by authorised personnel.


Please find a selection of common questions relating to the outdoor AED cabinet.

What type of protection does the Outdoor AED Storage Cabinet provide?

The outdoor defibrillator cabinet is IP66 rated, meaning it is protected against dust, water and the elements, as well as having metal hinges with security fixings for added strength.

What are the dimensions of the Outdoor AED Storage Cabinet?

The Outdoor AED Storage Cabinet measures 440mm (Width) x 625mm (Height) x 285mm (Depth).

How does the unique location code work?

For safety, each cabinet has its own unique location code. We highly suggest that this code/information is shared with the local Ambulance Service to ensure it is added to their systems for emergency situations. This way, a 999 call operator can pinpoint the exact location of the cabinet so help can be sent instantly in times of need.

How is the cabinet powered?

The Outdoor AED Storage Cabinet is powered by a low voltage/energy operation, meaning it is both cost effective and energy efficient.

Are there any special features on the outdoor cabinets?

Yes, there are some special features on the outdoor AED storage cabinet. These include: a thermostatically controlled heater to prevent freezing, an air circulation fan to prevent condensation, safety cut out for added protection, LED lighting for improved visibility at night and efficient internal illumination.

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