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Martek Indoor Defibrillator Cabinet

£184.00 Exc. VAT

Keeping your life-saving defibrillator in a cabinet at a fixed location ensures that its presence is noted and that it can be accessed immediately in the event of a cardiac emergency.

Defibrillator Cabinet

This Metal Indoor Defibrillator Cabinet is the ideal storage solution for any defibrillator. If you’re looking for easily accessible, yet highly visible AED storage then this could be the perfect solution. The white design can be incorporated into any area while the large window ensures that everyone who walks by will spot the defibrillator inside.

Features & Benefits

  • Strong metal casing for increased durability and longevity
  • Large design to accommodate all sizes of defibs and their carry cases
  • A clear glass door enables anyone to see the lifesaving defibrillator & that it is ready to be used
  • White colour allows the cabinet to stand out in an emergency
  • Ideal for office buildings and public places
  • Strong metal cabinet creates a seamless look
  • Aluminium Grip handle for ease of access
  • Fixings for wall mounting included

Various Options

The indoor AED storage cabinet provides customers with a safe, secure and affordable storage solution ideal for the Lifeline AED and AUTO models. Customers can choose to add an alarm to the cabinet which helps protect against damage and theft.


This option is ideal for those looking to store their AED without the additional security of an alarm. The cabinet features a clear vision panel to allow the device to be seen at all times.


This option boasts an additional level of security with a built-in alarm that sounds when the cabinet is opened, helping to protect the AED’s against theft and damage.

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