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AED Protect Outdoor Cabinet



The outdoor defibrillator cabinets provide customers with a safe, secure and affordable storage option for your Lifeline Defibrillators.



  • Double skinned walls for increased strength and insulation to keep the weather out.
  • Integrated keypad lock with ‘Easy Code Pro’ feature that allows the end user to change the unlock code in seconds.
  • Moisture Protection.
  • IP66 high dust and water protection rating.
  • 10 year warranty on outer casing, 5-year warranty on keypad lock and heater.
  • Low power usage.

Outdoor AED Storage

The AED Protect Outdoor Cabinet provides the perfect environment for storing an Automated External Defibrillator (AED). Its one-part moulded UV and impact resistant polyethylene construction, with double skinned walls (for increased strength and insulation) is designed to keep the weather out while protecting the AED from damage and theft. 

The cabinet is also equipped with a mechanical keypad lock, 50W heater and 3W LED light strip to further improve the protection of your device. The AED Protect Outdoor Cabinet meets IP66 high dust and water protection rating standards, making it suitable for use in any outdoor environment. With its low power usage (h*365*3W)=32kWh, the AED Protect Outdoor Cabinet provides a cost effective solution for protecting your AED.

The cabinet is also available in Traffic Yellow, Green and Red (min order required).

Various Options

The cabinet is available in a range of colours with two different locking options to choose from .


Customers can opt for an unlocked version of the cabinet – ideal for those who require prompt access in an emergency.


The cabinet is supplied with a mechanical keypad lock, allowing the AED to remain secure and protected at all times


Please find a selection of common questions relating to the AED Protect Outdoor Cabinet.

What are the dimensions of the AED Protect Outdoor Cabinet?

Width 50cm x Height 46.5cm x Depth 26cm (Depth including handle 30cm)

What is the yearly power usage?

Assuming the heater is used for one hour per day, four months out of the year and that the LED strip remains illuminated all-year long, your annual power usage would amount to 32 kWh. This calculation translates into an estimated yearly cost of £5.

What is the warranty?

The AED protect outdoor cabinet is covered with a 10-year warranty against any manufacturing defects on its exterior casing. The keypad lock and heater is backed by a 5-year warranty, both of which are active from time of purchase.

Is the AED Protect Outdoor Cabinet easy to maintain?

Yes, any component can be easily replaced by the end user. This allows for quick maintenance and repairs.

What is the installation process?

We suggest hard-wiring the cabinets to a fused spur as no plug is included with purchase. Additionally, please connect it to an RCD circuit and note that since all components inside the cabinet reach double insulation standards (Class II), earthing is not necessary as 240V enters the unit.

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