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Paediatric Defibrillator Pads

Paediatric AED pads are essential for any AED device, delivering the lifesaving current from the defibrillator to the patient.

Infant Defibrillator Pad Replacement

Martek Lifecare provides a range of paediatric AED pads designed to provide quick and effective emergency care for children under the age of 8 (or below 25kg in weight) and is compatible with all of our Paediatric AED models. We also stock pads in pairs, bundles, and specialist training pads designed for use when demonstrating with your defibrillator.

Why Choose Our Paediatric Accessories?

At Martek Lifecare, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of accessories, with different options available to suit various requirements and ensure compatibility with each specific AED model. We also stock paediatric pads in pairs and bundles with specialist training pads designed for use when carrying out demonstrations with your defibrillator. 

Benefits of Paediatric Pads

Paediatric Pads offer a number of benefits, including:

Quick and accurate diagnosis – Paediatric Pads are designed to accurately detect heart rhythms in young patients quickly and effectively, so you can start treatment as soon as possible.

Easy to use – Paediatric Pads are quick and easy to operate, even in a high-stress or fast-moving environment. 

Simple storage – Paediatric Pads can be easily stored and transported without risk, so you can keep them on-hand when needed.

Cost-effective – Paediatric Pads are an affordable option and can be reused multiple times, keeping costs low for your business. 


Below we’ve listed some Frequently Asked Questions for our Paediatric AED Pads. If you don’t see the answer to your query listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What are paediatric AED pads?

Paediatric pads are specialised AED pads designed for use on children and infants. These pads reduce the energy output of an AED, allowing it to be safely used on young patients without delivering a potentially dangerous shock. Paediatric pads come in various models, compatible with different Defibtech AEDs

Are the paediatric AED pads compatible with other defibrillator brands and models?

No – it’s imperative to source pads compatible with the make and model of the defibrillator you are using. If you have a Defibtech defibrillator, it is crucial only to source genuine pads for optimal performance.

Do I need paediatric pads for my defibrillator?

We recommend the purchase of paediatric pads in environments frequented by children under the age of 8, such as schools, sports centres, play areas and entertainment venues. You may also wish to purchase a set of paediatric pads if you welcome children on your premises, even on an infrequent basis.

How do I know which paediatric defibrillator pads to buy?

Our paediatric pads are compatible with each of the AEDs stocked, so you should check your device’s manual to find out which pads will work best for it.

How long do paediatric AED pads last before needing to be replaced?

Paediatric pads are designed for single use, so they must be replaced after each rescue. Unused paediatric pads have a shelf-life of 24 months from the date of manufacture. If you have any further questions about paediatric pads or any other Defibtech products, please get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to help.

What are the benefits of paediatric defibrillation pads?

Paediatric pads offer a number of benefits, including: quick and accurate diagnosis, easy to use, simple storage, and cost-effective. These pads are an essential addition to any AED in environments frequented by children.

Can the paediatric AED pads be used on adults?

Paediatric pads are designed specifically for children and infants and should not be used on adults. For use on adults, we recommend purchasing adult AED pads.

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