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Lifeline VIEW / ECG / PRO Battery

£185.00 Exc. VAT

Replacement battery for a Defibtech Lifeline VIEW, Defibtech Lifeline ECG or a Defibtech Lifeline PRO. Available in a standard capacity.

Defibtech Replacement Battery

This replacement standard Lifeline VIEW Defibtech Battery (approx 4 years) is 12v and capable of performing 125 defibrillator shocks or 8 hours of continuous operation and works with the Lifeline View, ECG and Pro models.

There is a 4-year warranty on all defibrillator batteries.

The Lifeline Defibtech Battery is easy to install and comes with a separate lithium battery that is used to power the defibrillator’s self-test feature and it’s active status indicator.

Martek Lifecare is the proud UK distributor of Defibtech products

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