Status Indicator

The Lifeline Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a maintenance free defibrillator as it performs self-tests on a daily basis. The results of these self-tests will be visible by the status indicator light in the top right-hand corner of the unit. This light should be flashing green, but if for any reason the light starts flashing red and bleeping then please perform the following steps until a resolution has been reached:

Error Status Check List

  1. Check the pads are plugged into the top of the unit. If they are not plugged in, please plug in the connector and turn the unit on and off. The light should now be flashing green.
  2. If the pads are plugged into the unit, then please turn the unit on and off again. Once the unit has been turned off it will announce what the problem is, which could be one of the following:
  • “Please replace 9-volt battery” – If this is announced, then please replace the 9-volt battery that is located within the main battery pack. This 9-volt battery powers the self tests and controls the status indicator light. Lithium 9-volt batteries can be purchased online. Lithium batteries last longer than the standard alkaline batteries which are readily available in shops.
  • “Replace main battery” – Once the main battery is approaching its 5 years (125 shocks) or 7 years (300 shocks) expiry then it will flash red to warn the user to replace the battery. If this is the case please contact Martek Medical to order a new battery on 01709 599219 or order online.
  • “Service code xxx” – If the unit announces a service code, please contact Martek Lifecare on 01709 599222 to report the problem, we will then issue you with a data card to download the files so a technician can determine what the problem is. If the problem can’t be fixed at your site we will replace the unit free of charge as long as the unit is within its 8 year warranty period.
  1. If measures 1 and 2 don’t solve the problem, then please perform a manual self-test, which you can find instructions on page 27 of your defibrillator manual. If you have misplaced your manual please perform the test as follows:
  • Press and hold the green ‘on/off’ button down until the unit starts to perform the self-test.
  • At the end of the self-test the unit will announce “unit ok” or if there is a problem it will announce what the issue is.

N.B. Only perform a manual self-test as a last resort, as each self-test drains the battery (one shocks worth of battery power) and each battery has a 125 (or 5 years) or 300 (or 7 years) shock capacity.

We hope this guide has solved your issue, but if you need any further assistance we have a dedicated customer service helpline available on 01709 599222 to assist with any troubleshooting issues.

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