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Installing a Life-Saving Defibrillator in Devon Health Centre

Published on 9th December 2016

A health centre in Devon has recently bought a defibrillator and installed it outside the surgery to help in the event of an emergency.

The Tavyside Health Centre in Tavistock has invested in the life-saving apparatus so the public can operate it should someone suffer from a cardiac arrest and need assistance.

The surgery already has three defibrillators but local resident Paul Johnson campaigned to get more placed around the town to prevent loss of life should someone need treatment urgently, Tavistock Today reported.

Practice manager Dene Medland told the news provider: “We feel it is important to have this equipment readily available to the public, as prompt access to the equipment could save a life.”

She added that this defibrillator has been placed outside the building so that it can be used by passers-by, as well as medical staff within the surgery.

It works by providing a shock to the heart through the chest to get it beating again before emergency services can take over.

Mrs Medland added that the equipment can be accessed by pressing a large red button, which opens the cabinet. This is alarmed and covered by CCTV, so when the button is pressed, the alarm will activate.

Once the defibrillator has been registered with the South West Ambulance Service Trust, anyone calling 999 looking for help with a cardiac arrest will be directed towards the defibrillator so it can be used in emergency situations.

Of course, it is important that people undergo defibrillator training where possible so they know how to use the equipment most effectively should they have to.

Last month, Bath Echo reported that a training event was held at the Prince of Wales Public House in Peasedown St John to give guidance to the public on how to use the device.