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Defibrillators on Every Primary School in Corby

Published on 7th November 2016

Every primary school in Corby is now fitted with a defibrillator, thanks to the efforts of one father.

The Northamptonshire Telegraph reported on the fundraising carried out by Darren Lafferty whose ten-year-old son Thomas McNamee tragically died in October 2014 after collapsing unexpectedly at school due to a known heart condition.

Darren has now raised thousands of pounds to provide all 17 primary schools in Corby with defibrillators.

He thanked everyone who donated and told the newspaper: “It’s great to know that Corby is the first town in the UK to have defibrillators in every primary school.”

But he isn’t ready to stop now and is extending his Fight For Every Heartbeat campaign to cover the town’s nurseries as well.

And these defibrillators will also be available for members of the public to use in the event someone suffers a heart attack near one of the schools. Knowing that these devices are on hand in case of an emergency may mean more people want to go on defibrillator training courses to ensure they know how to use them.

Last month, the North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) launched its Shoctober campaign to record all the defibrillators in the region.

The NWAS explained that it needs all the devices in the area to be registered so that its operators are able to direct 999 callers to them if they need to use one.

During the organisation’s 2015 campaign, 290 defibrillators were registered that weren’t previously known to the service and it’s hoping to repeat the same success this year.