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What’s The Difference Between A Defibrillator And An AED?

Defibrillation can be a life-saving intervention in critical situations like cardiac arrest. However, it’s important to understand the difference between a defibrillator and an AED (Automated external defibrillator) to make informed decisions about their usage. Although they have many similarities, the main distinction between a Defibrillator and an AED is the training required to use […]

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The Importance Of Maintaining Your AED

The chances of surviving sudden cardiac arrest are less than 10%. If you’ve been looking into renting or buying an AED you’ll have seen that statistic a lot and it’s a stark figure isn’t it? Especially if you flip it around to say that the chance of NOT surviving a sudden cardiac arrest is higher […]

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Lifesaving AEDs on Public Transport

Using public transport whether it is for work needs or for leisure activities can sometimes feel like you’re putting your life into the laps of the gods. You’re not driving, you’re not in control of the vehicle, and you are clueless about who you’ll be sitting by. This brings us onto our topic – Sudden […]

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Applying AED Pads During Defibrillation

If you’ve never needed to help somebody during a Sudden Cardiac Arrest before, it’s highly likely that you’d rather run a mile than help if it were to happen in front of you. Many people would panic and feel the pressure of this life-and-death situation – and that’s completely understandable. But we want you to […]

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Meet The Team – Rob Higgie

  How long how you been at Martek Lifecare? I joined in February and saw on LinkedIn about the company, so I emailed Martek and I was interviewed in January and joined in February . What division do you work in? I work in sales and am the Regional Sales Manager for Martek Lifecare. Have you […]

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Local Boston Pub Installs Defibrillator

Fundraising attempts at a pub in Boston in Lincolnshire have been so successful that The Anchor Inn in Frisney has now been able to invest in its first defibrillator, which cost them a cool £1,800.

A race night was organised to help raise the money, with hobby horses used instead of real ones and dice being thrown to decide where the horses go, with punters betting on the results, the Boston Standard reports.

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Red Phone Boxes reused for Defibrillators

More than 3,000 red phone boxes have been ‘adopted’ to house life-saving defibrillators around the UK.

Community Heartbeat Trust installs defibrillators to phone boxes that have been adopted by communities to reuse rather than remove the iconic ‘London Style’ kiosks.

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#didyouknow – 25 Facts About the Heart

As it’s National Heart Month, we thought we would give you some facts about the Heart, the most important organ in the human body, which you may not have known!

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Leisure bosses failed to use defibrillator in tragic death of young footballer

It emerged last week that an on-site defibrillator was available when talented young footballer Jamie Skinner collapsed, but was not used by two trained members of staff at the Edinburgh venue.

Talented Jamie, 13, collapsed on the pitch five minutes into the second half in his debut for Tynecastle FC under-14s on December 22nd.

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