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Lightweight, simple, and lifesaving: the CardioSafe will help anyone performing CPR to use the correct technique and ensure their compressions are at the right depth.

A manual device, there are no batteries to run down - it is always ready to use. Clear instructions on the centre of the CardioSafe means any untrained bystander can use the device to perform CPR.

An ideal accessory to a defibrillator, the Cardio First Angel design means perfect hand placement for CPR every time, and exact compression depth thanks to a specialised spring. A click sound is given on the downward compression and then again on the release, delivering audible confirmation with each movement.

Small, compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use, the Cardio First Angel is ideal to have with any public access defibrillator to ensure as many chances for survival are provided during a cardiac rescue.

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