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Heart Attack Brain Damage Risk Reduces With CPR Intervention

Published on 12th June 2017

When someone suffers a heart attack, immediate medical attention is vital if they’re to survive and not be left with life-changing conditions as a result. And now new research from Aalborg University Hospital in Denmark has found that when a bystander performs CPR or uses a defibrillator on someone in cardiac arrest, the benefits of this intervention last for at least a year.

These two procedures can, in fact, reduce the long-term risk of death from any cause, as well as nursing home admission and brain damage by a third in those still alive one month after a heart attack, Reuters reports.

Speaking to the news source, co-author of the study Dr Kristian Kragholm said: “If bystanders intervened by starting chest compression, survivors were less likely to experience brain damage or be admitted to a nursing home. And with an AED (automated external defibrillator), the benefit was even greater.”

He went on to say that the results of this study are further evidence of what can be achieved by those who do witness cardiac arrests and why government should work harder to put more defibrillators in public places and also make resuscitation training for members of the public a requirement.

It would also be wise for governments to focus on tackling the bystander effect, a social psychological phenomenon that sees people less likely to offer help in an emergency when others are around. The greater the number of people, the less likely it is that someone will actually offer help – which could prove fatal in the event of a cardiac arrest.

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