SCA in Athletes

It’s not something we hear about daily, so it’s easy to overlook that Sudden Cardiac Arrest is lurking in our midst. But it is there, and we’re reminded of this when we hear stories of prominent athletes in their prime collapsing mid arena. Nobody wants to see anybody of any age collapsing, but seeing young … Continued

14th September 2021

How to Save a Life Using an AED

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) can happen to anyone of any age. When this sudden and unfortunate event happens, it’s crucial that treatment can be administered as soon as possible. The best and most effective treatment for sudden cardiac arrest is to use an AED. If one is on hand to be used right away, the … Continued

6th September 2021

Meet The Team – Rob Higgie

Meet The Team- Rob Higgie   How long how you been at Martek Lifecare? I joined in February and saw on LinkedIn about the company, so I emailed Martek and I was interviewed in January and joined in February . What division do you work in? I work in sales and am the Regional Sales Manager … Continued

2nd June 2021

Mental Health Awareness Week

At Martek Lifecare, we believe your mental health is just as important as your physical health. This year, Mental Health Awareness Week is running from the 10th-16th of May 2021 and the chosen theme is nature. Nature has been chosen as the theme as the Mental Health Foundation found that surrounding yourself with nature will … Continued

13th May 2021

The Long Term Dangers Of Legionella

Legionella is an airborne bacterium that, if inhaled through aerosols, can cause illnesses with similar symptoms to pneumonia. Legionella can build up in water systems that haven’t been used in a while such as showerheads, taps and piping. Research has shown that venues with swimming pools and hot tubs are more likely to experience outbreaks … Continued

12th May 2021

The Importance Of Testing For Legionella Bacteria

In the UK, reported cases of Legionnaires disease are on the increase; from 360 in 2016 to 450 in 2017 to 530 in 2018 and 503 in 2019. Between the years of 2014 and 2016, there were 77 deaths, and over a thousand confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease. In December of 2018, a UK District … Continued

8th April 2021

The Importance Of Accurate Compression In CPR Training

There is a reason that many job roles and supervisory positions mandate formal first-aid training in order for a person to be considered “suitable” to carry out that role – from oil rigs to building sites and most industries in between, the importance of first-aid training is widely recognised.   Thankfully, emergency situations are rare.  … Continued

10th June 2020

What PPE Do I Need?

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and the staggered re-opening of the nation, many companies are finding all of the different PPE options available to them confusing.    As with any ‘trend’ there is never a shortage of marketeers touting their wares – it seems that every day there is a new piece of PPE on … Continued

10th June 2020

Can Anybody Perform CPR?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – a life-saving technique – “pumping” the chest cavity to simulate the heart’s pumping and keep blood flowing until medical help arrives.   It’s quite a scary thought when you read that, isn’t it?    But let’s be honest – if you ever find yourself in a medical emergency – it IS a scary … Continued

5th June 2020