Beaty: Real-time CPR feedback device

Gauging the exact depth of chest compression is very difficult for professionals and almost impossible for untrained people. By giving audible feedback when adequate force is applied to a patient’s chest during CPR, Beaty increases the effectiveness of performing CPR among rescuers and chances of survival among victims.

Beaty helps you perform chest compressions effectively by providing audio feedback when reaching a depth of 5cm. Beaty is to be used during CPR in cases of cardiac arrest, allowing the rescuer to perform effective chest compressions as suggested in the current guidelines. The device can be used by any person familiar with CPR.

Ensure your CPR technique is perfect with Beaty

Silicone Adapter - Adds protection to your device and increases user’s comfort when prolonged CPR is required

Small Dimensions and Lightweight - Designed to fit anywhere within reach

Curved Silicone Pad Ergonomic Design - Fits the palm of the hand for optimal use

Audio Feedback - Enables the user to perform effective chest compression

Simple and User Friendly - Just apply and start compressing

Affordable - Costs what you pay for a few cups of coffee

Perform chest compressions effectively with Beaty

Watch: Beaty CPR Device Demo

Beaty is compliant with International Standards and is CE-labelled.

It complies with all appropriate performance standards as specified in Annex II of the European Medical Device Directive MOD 93/42/EEC.

Beaty is classified as class I medical device per the MOD. It classified as Class I by the International Standard IEC 60601-1 and as Class II Medical device by the Department of Health and Human Services of The Food and Drug Administration. (21CFR8750.5210)


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