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Bag It, Beat It With The BHF

Published on 9th January 2017

Now that Christmas has come to an end and a new year has begun, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you could give a little back this 2017. It couldn’t be easier these days to do something for charity, whether it’s big or small, so why don’t you consider raising funds or awareness for something like the British Heart Foundation (BHF)?

The charity runs a Bag It. Beat It campaign, asking for people all over the country to collect good quality clothes, books, accessories, homewares, toys, DVDs and more to sell in their shops around the UK. And with Christmas having ended, it’s likely that many of you out there have items that you’re not keen on keeping for whatever reason.

You may want to hang onto them so you can re-gift them at a later date, but why don’t you donate them to the BHF instead? It’s really a win-win situation since you’ll be helping raise money to fund lifesaving research and you’ll also be able to declutter your house. You’re also invited to share photos of your decluttering on social media using the hashtag #BagItBeatIt.

It couldn’t be easier to donate either – you can call the charity to come and pick your donations up for free, or you can drop your bags off at a local donation point or shop. Simply order your donation bags to be delivered to your house and away you go.

Apparently, 77p of every £1 that the BHF raises goes on lifesaving research and support for heart patients – so why not give a little back this year?

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