The Importance Of Accurate Compression In CPR Training

There is a reason that many job roles and supervisory positions mandate formal first-aid training in order for a person to be considered “suitable” to carry out that role – from oil rigs to building sites and most industries in between, the importance of first-aid training is widely recognised.   Thankfully, emergency situations are rare.  … Continued

10th June 2020

What PPE Do I Need?

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, and the staggered re-opening of the nation, many companies are finding all of the different PPE options available to them confusing.    As with any ‘trend’ there is never a shortage of marketeers touting their wares – it seems that every day there is a new piece of PPE on … Continued

10th June 2020

Can Anybody Perform CPR?

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation – a life-saving technique – “pumping” the chest cavity to simulate the heart’s pumping and keep blood flowing until medical help arrives.   It’s quite a scary thought when you read that, isn’t it?    But let’s be honest – if you ever find yourself in a medical emergency – it IS a scary … Continued

5th June 2020

Does everybody show COVID-19 symptoms?

As an employer amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, your role will have seen a dramatic shift over these last few months Safety in the workplace – whatever form that takes – is now your primary task. Before Coronavirus, health and safety could largely be covered by a decent risk assessment process being followed, a few briefings … Continued

2nd June 2020

How To Keep Construction And Manufacturing Covid Free

Since the government announced the nations’ phased return to work, there has been a flurry of activity on how to manage that safely. There’s plenty of advice doing the rounds, but most of us don’t want to be trawling the internet for decent guidance on the return to work steps we can implement for our … Continued

20th May 2020

What Will Back To Work Look Like For UK Post Lockdown?

With the government easing lockdown restrictions, the question on most people’s mind is what back to work will look like for the UK post lockdown. Well, we know one thing for sure – things are not going to get ‘back to normal’ – not very quickly anyway. Let’s try to look on the bright side … Continued

18th May 2020

Suggested Safety Practices For Workers Exposed To COVID-19

There’s definitely no shortage of advice at the moment on measures to be taken surrounding COVID-19. From armchair warriors to medical literature that rivals the tomes of War and Peace, it’s hard to know where to look for trustworthy advice and who to trust.   So we’ve put together a guide using only longstanding and … Continued

6th May 2020

Why It’s Critical For Companies To Screen Employees For Covid-19

Companies all over the world face huge challenges in managing their way through the advancing COVID-19 pandemic. They are faced with crucial decisions balancing their need to maintain or restore normal operations to ensure their economic survival, whilst upholding their principal duty of care protecting the health and well-being of their employees. Doing battle with … Continued

15th April 2020

The Defibrillator Circuit: Where is your nearest unit?

There’s no pun intended here when we say we have fantastic news to share which is close to our own hearts, as the British Heart Foundation has recently announced their release of The Circuit.

The Circuit was launched earlier this year in June and is a national network where everyone can register their defibrillator to increase awareness of where the nearest defibs are located when needed.

2nd September 2019

He was just lying there, his face grey and lifeless. There was just no sign of life.

“HELP! Does anybody know CPR?”

Whether you’re experienced in applying initial medical treatment and CPR or have been lucky enough to not experience an incident in your life, the way these words are shouted will always be enough to cause the hairs on the back of your next to stand.

You’ll often hear the term “fight or flight” thrown around, but it’s a real reaction to immediate danger.

20th August 2019