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AED Armor’s Mild Steel Locked Cabinet with heating is highly visible and will ensure that your AED is easy to find and kept in a rescue ready condition always.

Manufactured to a high standard, AED Armor’s Mild Steel Cabinet Locked Cabinet with heating will ensure that your device is always kept at a ready, working temperature, whilst also being easy to retrieve in a cardiac emergency. It’s bright and bold design, accompanied by the chain of survival, LED light/removable will ensure that any first responder is aided whilst delivering the life-saving treatment to the victim of sudden cardiac arrest. The cabinet comes with a marine grade stainless steel digital lock to ensure your life saving device is protected from theft and vandalism. This cabinet can be personalised for an additional cost.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Mild Steel casing for increased durability and longevity
  • Large design to accommodate all sizes of defibs and their carry cases with vital rescue kit accessories
  • IP66 rating – giving effective protection to the cabinet seals from the ingress of dust and water
  • Plastic wing handle for hard-wearing durability
  • Thermostatically designed heating system, ensuring your AED is kept at a constant working temperature
  • Marine grade stainless steel keypad lock for enhanced durability and longevity as well as protecting your device from theft and vandalism
  • External viewing window for status checks and to give the defibrillator visibility
  • Motion sensor LED light also acting as a removable torch to illuminate the cabinet when opened and aid the first responder
  • Power source
  • Removable torch to assist the first responder
  • An optional alarm to alert passers-by that a cardiac emergency is taking place is also available
  • Not sensitive to UV degredation


Strong, visible and well suited for an outdoor wall mount position. The cabinet provides exceptional protection for all types and models of defibrillator.

Cabinet’s External Dimensions: 400mm (H) x 400mm (W) x 250mm (D)
Thickness of the metal: 1.5mm
Thick Type of metal: Mild Steel
Thickness and type of powder coating: 100 Microns electrostatic polyester powder
Handle Materials: Stainless Steel
Fasteners Material: Sheridised mild steel

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