AEDs Now Included For EFAW Training

New guidelines suggest that automated external defibrillators (AEDs) should be used as part of Emergency First Aid at work (EFAW). While an AED can be used without training thanks to the clear voice instructions (and, in the case of the Lifeline VIEW, colour screen), training builds confidence.

Reactions in an emergency cardiac situation need to be as fast as possible in order to increase all chances of survival. Hesitation can delay vital actions such as effective CPR. With training, a user will be more confident to act and the step-by-step chain of survival will remain intact.

From 31st December 2016, all emergency first aiders in a workplace will be trained on the use of AEDs. Changes to the Resuscitation Council UK guidelines in 2015 mean the new requirements suggest the management of a casualty requiring CPR is to request an AED for use. This change in the guidelines means that, even without the medical training to determine between a heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest, an AED will always be tried. If the case is a heart attack, no shock is delivered – but more cases of sudden cardiac arrest will be treated at the earliest possible point, improving survival rates.

First aid trainers who are already qualified will not need to immediately take AED training – instead it will be a requirement upon re-qualification at their next scheduled training.

Martek Lifecare offer AEDs for the workplace and can help train your staff with our leading first aid training partners. To find out more, email in the first instance.

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