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Beneficial Tips To Get A Heart Health Christmas

Published on 7th December 2016

Christmas is just 18 days away so no doubt you’re all looking forward to fun and festivities with the family. But you should make sure that your health is always a top priority, even if it is the holiday season.

Figures from the British Heart Foundation show that someone in the UK suffers a heart attack every three minutes and about 30 per cent of these attacks are actually fatal. Christmas is often referred to as the season of gluttony (if not goodwill) and it’s certainly not surprising to see people overindulge at this time of year.

But just think about the damage that you could be doing to your body and your heart, and perhaps try to tone it down a little bit this year. You could, for example, limit your portion sizes so you’re taking in fewer calories, or make sure you have breakfast on Christmas Day so you’re not picking at unhealthy treats while you wait for dinner to be ready.

Another tip is to make sure you eat lots of seasonal Christmas fruits instead of the chocolates and marzipan you’re sure to find in your stockings on December 25th. Try and get your five a day every day if you can!

If you’re keen to avoid eating too much saturated fat, consider cutting the skin off the turkey before you eat it. Also try to avoid putting in too much salt in your bread sauce, which is easy to do – just read the ingredients on the loaf you’re buying and put it back if the salt content is too high.

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