You never know when or where a sudden cardiac arrest will strike so it’s necessary to check your AEDs battery and make sure to have a spare defibrillation pad

Adult and Paediatric Defibrillation Pads

The adultdefibrillation pads are for adult use ( 8 years and older). Our paediatric pads aresuited for those younger than 8 years, the energy delivered by the AED is reduced to50 joules (from 150) and are slightly smaller on the adult DDP-100 pads,accommodating to smaller victims.

Defibrillator Battery Pack

Battery packs are capable ofcompleting daily, weekly, monthlyand quarterly tests. All batterieshave a 4 year warranty. Astandard battery pack (approx 5year) is capable of 8 hours ofcontinuous operating. The highuse battery pack (approx 7 year) iscapable of 16 hours of continuousoperating.

Do you know what to consider when buying an AED?

Two of the most important elements when buying a defibrillator is the AED pad and battery.

All defibrillator electrode pads are single-use only, so it’s recommended to keep a backup pair at all times. Pads should be stored connected to the AED and extra pads can be stored in the available carrying case.

Battery packs are capable of completing daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tests. All batteries have a 4-year warranty. A standard battery pack (approx 5 years) is capable of 8 hours of continuous operating. The high use battery pack (approx 7 years) is capable of 16 hours of continuous operating.

You never know when or where a sudden cardiac arrest will strike, so you need to be sure that your defibrillator will be effective whatever the conditions. 

Martek Lifecare is the proud UK distributor of Defibtech products. Get your AED Pads and Batteries here

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