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Most Popular New Year’s Resolution For People In The UK

Published on 12th January 2017

The most popular new year’s resolution for people in the UK has been found to be achieving a healthier lifestyle, with 86 per cent saying that buying extra fruit and veg in the weekly shop is important to reaching their goals, 64 per cent saying the same of a healthy eating programme and 32 per cent saying gym equipment to use at home is important.

The American Express study also revealed that 33 per cent of Brits plan to exercise more this year, while 30 per cent want to eat more healthily. However, just eight per cent of those asked said that they kept their resolutions last year – so it remains to be seen if people do stick to their healthy goals in 2017.

“UK adults are starting the year with renewed vigour when it comes to health and fitness goals, and while there is a cost implication to this, our research shows that saving money is also a priority for many,” director at the credit card company Jenny Cheung said.

To help you stick to your resolutions, make ones that you think you can keep. If you do want to get more exercise, schedule three days at the gym instead of seven, for example. Focus on one habit or behaviour you’re unhappy with at a time so you don’t overwhelm yourself either. It can be hard to replace unhealthy habits with better ones and it will take time – the key is to stay positive and optimistic, and not give yourself a hard time.

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