Our journey started at Sea…

With no hope of ambulance support and hours or days without helicopter rescue, sea crews needed the best AED available to save their lives. There’s no cure, CPR won’t fix SCA. You have to deliver a shock to the heart to restore its natural rhythm – and with every minute that passes without a shock from a defibrillator, survival rates drop by 20%.

Together with Defibtech, we developed LifeForce, the most rugged, simple, quickest charge-to-shock time, and the only marine approved, AED on the market. With a product that could save lives in the world’s toughest situations, we saw the need for a simple and effective AED in the UK.

Our partnership expanded and Martek Lifecare was born.

Defibtech Distributor!

We’re proud to be the UK distributor for Defibtech products. The Lifeline range of AEDs has time and again won awards and come top in independent studies as the best, easiest, most reliable, and simplest devices available in the market.


We supply Defibtech products to the public and private sectors, including large-scale contracts with EasyJet, BP, and Bannatyne’s health clubs. We also work with West Midlands (where our AED scored 100/100 in the product evaluation), Buckinghamshire, and County Durham & Darlington Fire Services.

Our journey continues as we look to educate the UK about the dangers of SCA and ensuring everybody has access to a life-saving Lifeline AED.

To find out more, arrange a site survey, or have your questions about SCA answered, be sure to contact us now.

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Unrivalled Support

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