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We started out in the marine industry, of all places. Our mission for our sister company, Martek Marine, is to deliver top safety and welfare equipment to the shipping sector. It was here that we came across the huge impact that sudden cardiac arrest can have on lives - and learned all about automated external defibrillators as the only way to provide a chance of survival.

Did you know that sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is the world's biggest killer? In the UK alone it affects 250,000 adults every year. There's no cure, CPR won't fix SCA. You have to deliver a shock to the heart to restore its natural rhythm - and with every minute that passes without a shock from a defibrillator, survival rates drop by 10%.

As you can imagine, SCA at sea is most likely deadly unless a defibrillator is used. There's no ambulance just around the corner! When every second counts, we realised it was essential to get AEDs onto as many ships as possible.

After lots and lots of research, we found Defibtech. They proved to us that their AEDs were the most rugged, simple, and had the quickest charge-to-shock time. Together we developed LifeForce - the only marine-approved AED on the market.

From there, our partnership expanded and Martek Lifecare was born. We're proud to be the UK distributor for Defibtech products. The Lifeline range of AEDs has time and again won awards and come top in independent studies as the best, easiest, most reliable, and simplest devices available in the market.

We supply public and private sectors, including large-scale contracts with EasyJet, BP, and Bannatyne's health clubs. We also work with West Midlands (where our AED scored 100/100 in the product evaluation), Buckinghamshire, and County Durham & Darlington Fire Services.

We're an approved NHS vendor, on the NHS procurement frameworks for the whole of the UK. We're also a recommended supplier for several Ambulance Service AED programs thanks to the quality of our products - and our ongoing legendary customer service.

Recently we expanded our offering from the Lifeline range of Defibtech products. As well as the full range of AEDs, we now supply the ARM: an automated hands-free CPR device ideal for medical professionals.

To find out more, arrange a site survey, or have your questions about SCA answered, be sure to contact us now.