Benefits and Advantages of Using Drones in Emergencies

These days, it’s certainly not uncommon to see semi automatic defibrillators in public places. Increasing numbers of businesses and individuals are seeing the value of making investments in devices such as these, just in case someone does suffer a sudden cardiac arrest either on the premises or somewhere nearby.

6th May 2017

Increased Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates in Scottish Borders

Training thousands of people in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and increased numbers of semi automatic defibrillators and similar devices have been credited with improving the out-of-hospital cardiac arrest survival rate in the Scottish Borders.

Before March 2015, the figure was at four per cent for the region, below the Scottish average of between seven and ten per cent, the BBC reports. Now, it has climbed to 29 per cent, while the national figure has also climbed to 16 per cent.

24th April 2017

18 Electric Shocks Save The Life Of Bus Driver

A bus driver who had recently taken a leave of absence from work as a bus driver to spend more time with his family was brought back to life by a defibrillator and 18 electric shocks after he suffered an hour-long cardiac arrest.

Trevor Cowburn, 53, survived after paramedics used the life-saving device outside his home in Broadfield near Crawley, the Crawley News reports. He had just got back from taking his 13-year-old daughter to school and told his wife he was feeling lightheaded and sick.

29th September 2016